Sports Dentistry

We live in an active society. Adults and children alike participate in a number of sports ranging from football and baseball to soccer and martial arts. As a dentist, I see a wide range of sports related injuries (Figure 1 below is just one example). Injuries can range from a fractured tooth to complete avulsion (knocked out) of the tooth. The cost to restore these teeth can range in the thousands. Aside from the cost, the cosmetic concerns associated with a fractured or lost tooth can be devastating. Fortunately, there is an easy way to protect your teeth. This is with a custom fitted sports mouthguard (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Actual Care / Work by Dr. Watson

Don't let your teeth or your child's teeth go unprotected during sports activities. Invest in a custom fitted sports mouthguard. They are custom fitted to fit your teeth exactly. They come in a variety of colors.

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