Custom Fitted Mouthguards

When one compares a custom fitted mouthguard to a typical boil and bite guard found in stores vast differences are found. Boil and bite guards do not fit as accurately so they often interfere with the athletes breathing and speaking ability. They also offer significantly less protection.

This illustration shows how the custom fitted mouthguard conforms to the teeth exactly. It actually cushions the teeth offering maximum protection.

Compare for yourself the custom fitted mouthguard verses the boil and bite. When it comes to your child's teeth do not take a chance. Get the maximum protection.

In addition to the great protection your teeth will receive, your mouthguard can be customized. There are a variety of colors to choose from. Colors can be mixed to match school colors. Also place a school decal, or other emblem, on the mouthguard. You create your own mouthguard.

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