Written Testimonials for Oral Sedation

1. Dr. Watson and his staff are friendly, caring, and very patient. With oral sedation I was able to relax which is something I was never able to do going to the dentist.

Debra Harrison

2. IT'S PAMPER TIME: take a pill, relax in a super comfortable, reclined dental chair with memory foam cushion; get covered with a warm blanket; lights off; soft music; then someone is gently waking you up because it is all over! That's why I love Dr. Watson and his staff!
Dr. Watson and his staff are professional and you know that you're in safe hands. At the same time, they're extremely friendly, caring, and understanding. I've been sedated twice and both experiences were wonderful. If you're afraid of pain like I am. I highly recommend Dr. Watson for a comfortable, stress-free, painless, dental experience.

Leslie Minor

3. I have it all--bad experience, problem getting numb, just plain fear at the dentist office. Finding Dr. Watson has been a great relief, it is oral sedation for me. Four fillings and two crowns a week ago, and I don't dread going back for the permanent crowns. I would have saved at least three teeth if I had found him years ago. Great office staff, professional and caring. I recommend Dr. Watson and staff with no reservation.

Barbara Rucker

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